Honeywell L7000 Kit - Description

Honeywell Lynx7000

Honeywell L7000PK is a wireless security system kit that includes:

  L7000 LYNX Touch Screen wireless alarm control panel
   3 wireless door and window sensors
   1 wireless pet immune motion detector
   1 wireless security key fob(4-button)
   built-in alarm siren
   backup battery - up to (4) hours of stand-by power

door or window sensors – are for perimeter protection
motion detectors – for interior protection
wireless keyfob – to arm and disarm the security system, plus panic alarm button

Additional Transmitters for Doors and Windows, Space Protection, Life Safety, Remote controls and Personal Emergency Response are available.

Alarm Communication methods – to send alarm or trouble signals to a Central Monitoring Station where the operators call key-holders, authorities or security guards.

Communication Methods - NO OPTION for -Land Line Telephone, VoIP

1.  Cellular Communicator
2.  Internet Communicator
3.  Dual Path - Cell + Internet Communicator


1.  Cellular alarm communicator is a GSM unit incerted in the panel, it is using wireless GSM network(Rogers) to send signals to AlarmNet a cellular alarm monitoring station and the signals forwarded to the Central monitoring station. Cellular alarm communications are more reliable and secure than Internet communications, and can be used for primary communication(no land line) and back-up communication(for land line and Internet). The GSM units are using the back-up batteries from the security panel.

Honeywell 3G Internal Cellular Alarm Communicator

3GL - Internal Cellular Communicator

2.  Internet alarm communicators are using your home’s  or business’s  Internet service. This is the last method to recommend for communication as the Internet can be down during a power outage (do you use UPS?), failed router or modem or Internet service provider problem.

  • ILP5 Internet alarm monitoring communicator, connects to Honeywell AlarmNet and the signals are forwarded to the Central Station. ILP5 is connected to the local network, and from your router Ethernet wire to the security panel.


Honeywell Internet Alarm Communicator

ILP5  - Internal Internet Communicator

  • L5100-WIFI is a Wi-Fi enabled device and installs inside the security panel, the signals are send wirelessly to the router, sent to Honeywell AlarmNet and then forwarded to the Central Station
  • Honeywell Lynx Wi-Fi Internal Communicator

Home Automation
Honeywell L5210 wireless security system integrates home security with home automation.

Add Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE Z-Wave® controller and from the touch screen of the panel you can not only disarm, but also turn on:
    home’s lights(Z-Wave lamp module required)
    thermostats (Z-Wave Thermostat required)


Total Connect – Wi-Fi Internet communicator and AlarmNet monitoring required.
Provides interactive services for L5210 wireless security system. A web-browser or an app on a Smart Phone can be used to control the security system for:
    Arming and disarming
    To control Z-Wave modules(to turn on lights, locks, thermostats)
    To receive e-mail or SMS
    To view and control Honeywell WiFi cameras(only Honeywell IP cameras, if you don’t subscribe for Total Connect the cameras can not be used)