• DVR's have many flexible input configurations and can easily be integrated with most pre-existing video surveillance and camera systems.
  • DVR’s use computer based hard drives to digitally record and store images. The digital storage method preserves the image quality as it was recorded, can have a storage capacity that is measured in weeks or months and has a practical lifetime of several years.
  • DVR’s have Remote Monitoring capabilities allowing the users to View Live and Recorded Images using:
    • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • High-Speed Internet Connection
    • Smart Devices - iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Blackberry

PC based DVR vs. Embedded DVR

The PC based DVR is Windows based, which, unlike EMBEDDED systems is very flexible and very user friendly. Includes CD R/W, keyboard & Mouse. Does not include Monitor.

The standard HDD is 2TB and additional HDD space can be easily added for expanded archiving.
NVR's - is used with IP cameras only. The video quality of the IP cameras is many times higher than the analog cameras.
The IP cameras are Megapixel cameras, which is related to the camera resolution. The higher the MP, the higher the resolution and much crisp image. In this case The Hard Drive is mesured in TB(Terra Bytes) as the images for storing are much higher definition.
The newest development is toward compression of the images (H.265) to use less HDD.
We started using IP cameras from 2005, from 1MP to 12MP. The IP cameras that we have used are Vivotek, Geovision, Axis.
The NVRs Geovision, also Windows based. The Geovision software is installed on PC or Server. The cameras are Geovision or if they are different brand they have to be compatible with  Geovision and use Geovision NVR licence for 3rd party cameras. Be aware that the IP cameras are not interchangeable as the Analog Cameras. Check Geovision site for the List of supported IP cameras.
As with the DVR + Analog cameras systems, the NVR + IP camera system has Remote Monitoring, the live and recorded images are  accessible from anywhere via computer, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Blackberry.
Hybrid Recorders - they work with analog and IP Megapixel cameras. If there are existing analog cameras they can be used and add more IP Megapixel cameras. Armour Alarms has been using Geovision Hybrid Systems for many years. The IP cameras are also from Geovision, or if different make of IP cameras, we can use the Geovision licence for third party cameras. Check Geovision site for the List of supported IP cameras.
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