Geovision Free Cellphone/Mobile App Software



1.   iPhone/iPad App - GV-Eye App – it is used for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for Geovision software version 8.3.2 or above.
     Enables live viewing of 6 cameras on one screen or one camera.
     Supports PTZ control
     Supports remote playback
     Portrait and landscape screen view
     Instructions: GV-Eye for iPhone and iPad


2.   Android - GV-Eye Android App is compatible with GV-System 8.4 and higher.
      Enables live viewing of 4 cameras on one screen or one camera.
      Instructions: GV-Eye Android App



3.   Blackberry
                 DVR Viewer App-V1.1 - for Blackberry OS 4.x.x
                 DVR Viewer App-V1.2 - for Blackberry OS 5.0 to 6.0.
                 Instructions: GV-Remote Setup


Current Blackberry OS devices can install and run the current Android GV-Eye App.

Geovision Surveillance Remote Access on PC

Using (IE) Internet Explorer Web Browser to view live video and remote playback of recorded events

1. The NVR/DVR is connected to the Router. Some special Ports in the Router  have to be Forwarded
2. DDNS is created like
3. Open IE and enter the created DDNS of the GV Recorder including the port. Press Enter and the LogIn Page will show as it is shown below

4. Enter the DVR's Username and Password. Click Login.
You may be required to install Active X Controls after pressing Login. In order to install Active X Controls use the following instructions.
5. You should see the live view of your Geovision Surveillance DVR/NVR

6. Clicking on the Change Camera button

this is the way to view different camera. Explore the other buttons for Snapshot, Maximizing, PTZ control if the selected camera is PTZ cam.

Multi-Windows displays Multi Cameras

1. Under the Live View drop down menu on the left select Multi Windows.
2. Click on the cameras that you wish to view.


Play Back from the Recorder

it is recommended to search for recorded video events from the recorder and to avoid using smart Phone in this case.  If you have selected Full Screen just right click and select Toggle FullScreen, click on the icon View Log

Remote Play Back


Geovision Surveillance Remote Access using Edge Recording Manager

GV-Edge Recording Manger is a tool designed for recording management of remote GV-IP Cameras and GV-Target Cameras. It is an integrated interface from which you can access live view, assign recording to NAS servers, enable recording, play back videos and view storage space without visiting each host´s Web interface. Any connection with hosts can be disabled without affecting or stopping the hosts' normal functioning.

GV-Edge Recording Manager also supports live view display and video playback of hosts connected to GV-HD Video Encoder, GV-VMS, GV-System ,GV-Recording Server and GV-SNVR.

Assigning Recording to NAS Servers
Through GV-Edge Recording Manager, you can have GV-IP Cameras or GV-Target Cameras record to NAS servers and also view the storage information such as the occupied space and remaining space. GV-NAS Systems are also available at your choice.

Download: GV-Edge Quick Manual

Enabling ActiveX Controls

In order to view Live DVR Images, ActiveX Controls must be enabled in your Internet Explorer Browser 8+.  Follow these steps below.  Clicking the links will open example images in a new tab/window.

1.  Win7+ click "Start" and type "internet" into the "Search Programs and Files" box, right click "Internet Explorer" and select "Run as Administrator"  On WinXP simply open IE.

2. Go to the DVR address first, then click on the ALT key on the keyboard, select the "Tools>Internet Options" pulldown at the top of your Internet Explorer browser.

3. Click on the "Security" tab, then select "Trusted Sites" in the box below the tab, then click on the "Sites" button.  In some cases, you may have to adjust the "Security Level" slider down to "Low" to enable unsigned activex controls.

4. First, turn off the checkbox that says "Require server verification" and click the "Add" button to add your site to the whitelist and then click the "Close" button, and click "OK" to close the "Internet Options" settings page.

5. Click on the ALT key again and select "Tools>Compatibility View Settings."

6. On the "Compatibility View Settings" page, click "Add" to include your DVR to the list and click the "Close" button.

Direct link to download MultiView and Remote Viewlog Windows executables.

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